• Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Reason why your Mobile is powerful than PC

Evolution in mobile computing technology has increased productivity for work. Moreover, laptop computers have gotten sleeker, and phones are smarter now. A smartphone is a lighter and more powerful device for work efficiency. Additionally, it works faster and easy to carry around in your pocket. A smartphone is better than a computer as there are many reasons to prove so.


Reasons Why your Mobile is powerful than your PC


1. Powering Mobility

5G connectivity is now available on many devices, and many networks are available over Wi-Fi. In many models of mobile like Note 20’s edition has adaptive Dynamic AMOLED 2X display for max productivity and fluid scrolling. Additionally, features like a 1080P camera that can record 8K videos or biometric fingerprints with facial authentication are present in the mobile. All such features are not present in PC or Laptop but are in a smartphone.


2. No compromises

There is a performance gap between mobile and PC that keeps on widening. The user of a smartphone upgrades their device faster than the PC users. Additionally, the population of people using smartphones is increasing day by day, and it is estimated that there will be 7.2 billion users by 2023. However, certain cons to a smartphone and certain pros of PCs make it return in the game.


3. A long term mobile strategy

There are still strategies like BYOD (Bring your own device) in workplaces. It motivates for saving short term costs. However, a long-term mobile strategy plays a great role in business value and great for paying off investment. BYOD and corporate issues hard data is debated according to Oxford Economics. Moreover, MDM or mobile device management software is great for in-house management.


4. Forget your laptop on Purpose

The mobile-powered desktop experience is very productive and secure for work. Additionally, it is great as it can be connected to any monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It has great functionality and multiple resizable windows. Other functionality includes drag-and-drop options and keyboard shortcuts.


5. Not all the same

Many smartphones are geared for better consumption of content, then generating it. Additionally, in Galaxy devices, there is high flexibility and creative control for proper task management. There is an advanced stylus that helps to annotate, translate, and snap photos. The S pen of Note20 Ultra gives a feeling of pen and paper that can help you note down your ideas.


All these points explain that mobile is better than a PC and the benefits of a smartphone. Additionally, a smartphone has many advancements and technological developments that make it better day by day.


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