• Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

PC vs Mobile – All about gadget

PC can handle many tasks at once, which can also be done by mobile. But it is hard to decide which one is better right? So here a short comparison between both the high-tech devices.


PC Vs. Mobile

1.  Power

If you want a high performance of a PC, it requires a lot of electricity. The TDP of any desktop uses 450 to 850 Watts or more. On the other hand, a mobile runs on batteries and uses power more efficiently.


2. Cost

The price of a PC depends on its features, capabilities, or storage. It is relatively higher than a mobile as it requires a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Additionally, mobile or smartphones can be bought at a lower price.


3. Storage

The storage of a PC exceeds TB and is enough to hold many documents, files, etc. at once. Most models of mobile have a storage of 16GB to 128 GB, which can be filled faster.


4. Operating System

OS for a PC is full-featured and provides many advantages like large space, high RAM, etc. However, Mobile OS, like Android or iOS, are more specialized and for a particular set of the device.


We saw some points of comparison between two high technological devices for knowing which one is better. Now let’s have a loot at the latest technological trends in the year 2020.


Some New Technological Trends in 2020

1. 5G Network

The 5G network has created its own buzz and is a great revolution. The advent of 5G is an excellent advancement in technology. 5G wireless network just takes like 2 seconds to download anything at top speed. Moreover, the amplified broadband is great for mobile communication.


2. AI Products

AI or Artificial technology is great for shaping the future with comfort and convenience. There has been a new trend of drones and robot services for delivery. It makes human efforts less, and AI does the work. There might cause some glitches in AI that can cause harm to human safety. However, it can be rectified as technology grows more and more.


3. Data-Driven Policy

There are many laws for cyber protection or data protection laws for privacy and security. Moreover, a data breach, hacking, and cyber-attacks can harm a lot by invading our personal space. Additionally, cryptocurrency is great for reducing hassles and makes the process simple. Data-driven technologies are constantly growing, which is great for businesses.


4. Automation

Automation has the main aim of propelling business operations and augmenting people. Data science automation has empowered scientists to churn out or collect advanced analysis. Automation has led to cashless purchases from the online market and e-commerce. Augmentation has improved technology and increased the percentage of advancements.


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